Get an deep analyze of your full credit report.



Get a detailed breakdown of all items on your credit report.



Get a step by step blueprint on how to rebuild your credit.

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Our Vision

Our Perfect Score 365 feature gives you a deep analysis of information in your credit report that may not comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Information that can possibly cost your more on over the life of a mortgage, vehicles, business loans, and more.
This involves analyzing each account in detail as well as considering your entire credit history as a whole. Our Perfect Score 365 also includes “do it yourself” software for restoring your credit in the fastest ways possible.

What Is Included In The Perfect Score 365?

We deep dive into the details of your credit report, looking for any questionable items that may be negatively impacting your credit scores. These might be obvious items, like delinquent accounts and collections, or seemingly insignificant details, like incorrect dates of last activity. There are a lot factors and pieces of information that must be 100% correct and verifiable according to the FCRA. We check each of these to ensure you get the credit you’re desire.

Personal Information

Your personal details do not directly effect on your credit scores. However, having a large number of inconsistencies in former addresses, employment can still impact your creditworthiness and loan approval outcomes.

Accounts Reporting

You will see every possible errors and inaccuracies of any negative account affecting your credit negatively. Any questionable detail required by Federal law provides cause for dispute.

Plan of Action

Through years of expertise, we provide you an customized actionable blueprint based on your unique situation that you can take immediately. With the Perfect Score 365, we make repairing your credit easy.


“Hard” inquiries stay on your credit report for up to two years and can have a negative impact on your credit scores. Excessive hard inquiries can damage your chances for being approved for funding. We point out inquiries that may be unauthorized or inaccurate so you can remove them.

Public Records

Lenders check for public records to determine credibility Is loan decisions. You will see the same records lenders do and you’re able to dispute any questionable public records.