generate leads for your business

How to generate leads for your business

by Ben Cole Sep 06, 2021

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Table of Contents

What are leads?

  1. Content is Key
  2. E-mail marketing
  3. Social media marketing and PPC
  4. Let all pages speak!
  5. Maintain a good relationship
  6. Old customers, new business

The model of business growth has evolved over the years to become more marketing than sales intensive. Many businesses who want to have grown too big empires leveraged on marketing to drive sales and not the other way around. Why marketing? The reason is simple, marketing is what attracts the customers (or leads as we've come to know them) who then make the sales.  

For a business to grow, sales must be made. However, sales will not be made by themselves but by the individual actors which is what marketing attracts. Therefore, it is important that every business develop a great marketing strategy that would attract the necessary customers and leads the way for business transactions to occur.

what are leads

What are leads?

In very simple terms, leads are customers. Leads are those individuals who desire the product you sell, the service you render, and are ready to purchase them. Simply put, Leads are your business.

Yes! They are the business you are into because business is for-profit and types of passive income and leads bring just that to the table.

Every forward-thinking business owner surely will have his mind preoccupied with the various ways he can promote lead generation for his business.

Lead generation is the process of attracting and engaging with leads online and offline. Leads that will sign up to your email list for information, follow and interact with your content online, give feedback and react to other people's views about you and so much more. Not just any lead but relevant leads who require your product and have the desire to pay for them.

This article will open your eyes to the various strategies, proven and trusted, on how to generate leads for your business. Let's get to it already!

content is key

Content is Key

The fact that content created is key is a known phenomenon. For every business that wants to generate useful leads, they must first give out valuable content to their target audience for the audience to interact with. So, the very first step to generating the desired lead is to rethink the type of content you provide.

Ask yourself certain pertinent questions like: will this content help solve any problems? What does this content say about my business? Once these questions can be answered, then you will be guided on the best content to create.

Of course, it is of utmost importance that SEO and other principles be followed. However, your contents should not be cliché, predictable and generic; your contents must be unique and not easily found elsewhere. The leads you want to attract have gone through a number of content online, proving to them that you are unique.

So whatever contents you want to develop, email, social media, website, newsletter, and so on, they must be uniquely distinct.

email marketing

E-mail marketing

The leads you need are tied to your email marketing strategy. What strategy are you utilizing for your email marketing? Emails are one of the greatest ways to generate leads for your business and grow your audience as a brand. Here are a few tips for super email marketing:

  • Always update your email list
  • Use catchy topics for emails
  • Do not use 'No-Reply' email addresses
  • Short but informative messages

Social media marketing and PPC

Social media marketing and PPC

Not all leads will go through the pages of a magazine or view contents on the television. But you know what? Most of your leads already have social media accounts, so you must get your content on it. Develop content for your social media pages and engage your audience, maximize the use of influencers and engage in paid socials.

On the web, utilize the opportunities of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and get websites to work with you. Pay-Per-Click is an advertising strategy where websites are paid for the clicks ads get on their website. Therefore, to get more from your ads, use PPC as an effective strategy.

all pages speak

Let all pages speak!

Businesses that want to attract leads must ensure that all of their pages are optimized and packed with relevant information and content about their business. Home pages, about us pages, landing pages, FAQs page, and other key pages must be seriously optimized.

Also, you must get interactive with your audience through live chat platforms. Get the technology and break the limits of your business. Making customers the priority by answering their requests and complaints will turn your business around.

The contents on each of these pages must be well constructed and directed at a particular action for the reader. It must be interesting, engaging, educative, and thrilling. At the end of each page, a compelling Call To Action (CTA) must be inputted. This CTA must be a result of the build-up from the overall contents of the page (images inclusive). This will allow the readers to identify better with the CTA and actually take the necessary action.

The CTA could be:

  • Place your order Now!
  • Subscribe to our email list
  • Place a call through to our customer care

Whatever it is, it must be compelling enough to result in an action.

maintain a good relationship

Maintain a good relationship

It is not impossible for brands and customers to be friends. It is a possibility only if you allow it to happen.

This is not difficult at all but just takes some certain decisions and your leads will become a community you can come 'home' to. Respond quickly to their emails, create fun content(usually funny videos) on social media, interact with them in the comment section, acknowledge social media messages with a reply or an emoji. Just do what you can to make them feel at home.

old customers new business

Old customers, new business

According to Consumer Loyalty Statistics, 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. Therefore, more business and sales will come from those who already utilized your products and services - more needs to be done to get them back.

These are the people that have firsthand experience with how your product should work and have utilized your services. It is safe to say that if a customer returns, then you are having a great pool of potential leads for yourself that will create a great turnover for the business.

In order to get back old customers, new methods must be utilized. Using the same strategy that was utilized to get them at first might not get the job done but adopting new methods will do the trick. You need to develop a great pitch that will showcase a new dimension of your business, provide a discount for their loyalty and restate key factors that will sell your brand. Seriously, it is easier to get back old-timers than attract new leads.

Many business owners are constantly looking for multiple streams of income ideas to secure leads for their business in order to drive sales and turnover.  We are well able to drive sales for you in making your business reach the next level.



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