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Sep 27, 2021 lovely lovely

Every business credit report showcases how worthy such a business is for a credit facility. It has nothing to do with the running of personal accounts of the owner but the flow of credit into and out of the business itself. Hence, a business credit report is very important for a business that would seek expansion through credit facilities.

In this regard, Tradelines play a pivotal role in making the credit report substantially believable and authentic. They provide information on how you have handled credit in the recent past.


Sep 06, 2021 lovely lovely

The model of business growth has evolved over the years to become more marketing than sales intensive. Many businesses who want to have grown too big empires leveraged on marketing to drive sales and not the other way around. Why marketing? The reason is simple, marketing is what attracts the customers (or leads as we've come to know them) who then make the sales.

For a business to grow, sales must be made. However, sales will not be made by itself but by the individual actors which is what marketing attracts. Therefore, it is important that every business develop a great marketing strategy that would attract the necessary customers and leads the way for business transactions to occur.

Sep 01, 2021 lovely lovely

The business world has taken a very drastic turn with innovations springing up in every aspect of business activities. Now it is possible to transact business with the web via the opportunities of e-commerce without physically collecting cash from the customers.

E-commerce comes with a whole lot of benefits that are too enticing to be ignored; it opens up your business to many opportunities and further reaches your regular physical business, businesses are done without limits or boundaries and so much more. You can post goods online, advertise and connect with buyers without much ado.

With e-commerce comes the need for business owners to have business credit cards that will serve the purpose of footing the bills of the business. With a business credit card, it is very easy to pay for expenses at the early start of the business and as the business progress; you begin to experience more benefits that accrue to a business when credit cards are used.

Are you still running your business without credit cards? Do you still make purchases and pay bills with the use of cash exchange? Do you feel a credit card will cause more harm than good to your business? Or you just do not accept this new method of payment? The truth is that having a credit card for your business will bring better than how to your business growth and finance. How? The benefits of using a business credit will be discussed under the following headings.


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