Best Business Broker Affiliate Programs

Maximizing Earnings: Best Business Broker Affiliate Programs Explained

by Faisal Nadeem Jul 02, 2024

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Earning more money is something many people want. If you are interested in the financial sector, being a business broker can be a good way to do this. You might wonder how to start or grow in this field.

One CFO found success and made $110,000 by working part-time as a business broker in their first year. This shows the potential for significant income in this line of work.

This blog will talk about the best affiliate programs for business brokers. We'll look at what these programs offer and why they can be beneficial for you. By reading, you'll learn how to pick the right program that could help increase your earnings through commissions from loans, cash advances, and other financial services.

Get ready to learn how to make more money as a business broker!

Key Takeaways

  • Business broker affiliate programs help you make money by connecting buyers and sellers with brokerage services. This could lead to big earnings like the CFO who made $110,000 part-time.
  • National Funding, Biz2Credit, and Funding Circle are top choices for affiliates. These companies offer different benefits, including commissions up to 3% and tools like API integration for easy work.
  • When picking a program, look at how they pay and the kind of support they give. Programs that offer training and marketing tools can help you succeed faster.
  • KKBA supports new brokers by paying half of their setup costs upfront. This helps beginners start without worrying about initial expenses.
  • Trust is key in choosing an affiliate program. Look for programs with a good reputation in areas like professional business valuation for mergers & acquisitions to feel secure when referring clients.

Overview of Business Broker Affiliate Programs

Business broker affiliate programs connect people who want to sell or buy businesses with companies that can help them. These programs let affiliates earn money by referring sellers and buyers to business brokerage services.

Definition and Purpose

Business broker affiliate programs connect affiliates with business brokers. Affiliates share information about the broker's services, like business loans and valuations. In return, they earn money when their referrals lead to sales.

These programs use the internet to reach more clients. They focus on performance-based marketing, which means affiliates get paid for results.

The purpose of these programs is to grow both the broker’s and affiliate’s earnings through a partnership model. KKBA uses this strategy to build a network of local broker affiliates.

This approach helps small business owners find brokers who understand their needs because they share a local identity and have relational experience. Brokers then move to a global marketing plan as they gain trust from sellers, using tools like social media strategies and search engine optimization to connect with more potential clients worldwide.

Key Benefits for Affiliates

Moving from understanding what business broker affiliate programs are, we see the clear advantages they offer to affiliates. One standout perk is earning potential. New full-time brokers can make about $75,000 in their first year alone.

This shows in real numbers the opportunity for significant income. Affiliates get a big boost starting out too. KKBA helps by financing 50% of initial setup and membership fees, with deferred payments for up to 12 months.

Affiliates also benefit from extensive support and training, essential tools for success in the competitive world of online marketing and sales generation. BBN steps up by providing training beyond North Texas, preparing affiliates everywhere to excel.

With opportunities like becoming an independent owner after corporate life through BBN's program, there's a clear path forward for motivated individuals seeking autonomy and financial growth.

Top Business Loan Affiliate Programs

Exploring the best business loan partner programs can lead to great earnings. National Funding, Biz2Credit, and Funding Circle stand out as top picks for affiliates.

National Funding

National Funding stands out in the business financing world. It has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, showing that it is a trusted name among lenders. This company helps small businesses get the funds they need by offering various loans, including commercial loans and lines of credit.

Affiliates who join their program enjoy a 3% commission for every sale made through their referral links.

They also benefit from a generous 60-day cookie duration. This means if someone clicks on your affiliate link and takes up to two months to complete a purchase, you still earn your commission.

National Funding has provided over $4.5 billion in funding to businesses, making it a heavyweight in its field and creating ample opportunity for affiliates to earn significant income by connecting small business owners with essential financial resources.


Biz2Credit stands out in the business brokering field as a key player. They offer loans ranging from $25,000 to $6 million. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses of various sizes looking for funding.

With Biz2Credit, affiliates get the promise of quick approval times - often within 48 hours. This efficiency is a significant benefit for both affiliates and their referrals.

Their program integrates advanced tech like API, making it easier for affiliate marketers to connect and work efficiently. Affiliates earn money through a percentage-based commission system, rewarding them directly for their successful referrals.

This setup aligns well with digital marketing strategies on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, leveraging social media campaigns to reach potential clients needing small business financing or merchant cash advances.

Biz2Credit empowers affiliates by offering competitive commissions on fast-approval loans.


Check this video for more Biz2Credit information.


Funding Circle

Funding Circle helps small businesses get loans. They connect these companies with people who want to invest in them. This is great for affiliates because they can make money by referring others.

Affiliates use special links, and when someone clicks and gets a loan, the affiliate earns a commission. Funding Circle's program is good for those interested in finance, lending, or helping small businesses grow.

They offer tools like API integration and access to many lenders. This makes it easy for affiliates to work with them. Plus, for every deal funded through an affiliate's referral, Funding Circle donates meals to Feeding America.

This means affiliates earn money and help fight hunger in America. Their model shows how merging business with social good creates value for everyone involved.

Criteria for Selecting Business Broker Affiliate Programs

Choosing the right business broker affiliate programs needs careful thought. Look at how they pay and what support they give you.

Commission Structures

Commission structures in business broker affiliate programs can vary widely, offering different ways to earn money. For instance, National Funding gives a 3% commission for each sale you bring in.

OnDeck rewards affiliates with a 2% commission rate, but you can make up to $10,000 per transaction. Commercial Loan Direct goes another route by paying $1,250 for every deal you close and an extra $250 if you refer someone else who makes a transaction.

These commissions show how partnering with the right company can lead to significant earnings.

Understanding these payout models is key before joining an affiliate program. They lay out how much you can earn from sales or referrals. This knowledge helps build your marketing strategy and target the right audience on social media platforms or through email campaigns using engaging content and powerful call-to-actions.

Next, let's talk about the support and resources provided by these programs.

Support and Resources Provided

Business Broker Affiliate Programs offer lots of support and resources. BBN gives training and help to brokers everywhere, not just in North Texas. They make sure brokers keep learning through ongoing training.

Brokers also get standard ways of doing their jobs. This means they know how to do tasks the right way every time.

BBN goes further by offering professional advice and unique methods for doing business. For someone new or wanting to improve, this is very helpful. Such strong backing makes it easier for affiliates to succeed in markets like mergers & acquisitions, business valuations, and franchisee support.

Now let's look into how these programs build trust through reputation and reliability.

Reputation and Reliability

Choosing the right business broker affiliate programs means looking at their track record and trustworthiness. Programs with good reputations have proven they can handle things like mergers, acquisitions, and invoice financing well.

For example, BBN is known for its expertise in professional business valuation services. This makes them a reliable choice for affiliates focusing on these areas.

King & King, LLC stands out too. They are experts in selling Medical Supply Companies and similar businesses across the nation. Their president holds the prestigious CBI designation, showing a high level of credibility in the field.

Trustworthy programs like these help affiliates feel secure when promoting their services or referring clients to them. They provide valuable resources such as marketing campaigns that include effective landing pages and SEO strategies to attract the target audience efficiently.


Business broker affiliate programs offer great ways to earn money. They let you partner with loan providers and earn by referring businesses that need loans. Pick a program with good pay, support, and a solid reputation for the best results.

KKBA's unique approach helps local brokers succeed online and in their areas. Jump into this opportunity to make a big impact in your financial future. Your journey to earning more starts now with the right business broker affiliate program!




1. What is an affiliate program in business brokerage?

An affiliate program in business brokerage lets you earn money by promoting services like personal loans, investment opportunities, and business models from companies such as Lendio or PayPal. When someone uses your link to sign up or buy, you get a reward.

2. How do I choose the best affiliate program for me?

Look for programs with high rewards, good support, and products that match what your audience likes. Check if they offer tools for tracking sales and clicks, have positive reviews from other affiliates, and ensure their products are reliable.

3. Can I use affiliate marketing if I'm new to internet marketing?

Yes! Affiliate marketing is great for beginners. Start by learning about SEO (search engine optimization), creating content around keywords related to the products you want to promote, and using social media accounts to share your links.

4. Do I need any special tools or software to start with affiliate marketing?

You don't need special tools at first but using analytics platforms can help track your success. Learning some basic HTML code can also be useful when adding links to your website or blog posts.

5. How do payments work in these programs?

Payments vary by program but often include options like direct bank transfers (wire transfer), PayPal payments, or checks mailed directly to you based on achieving certain actions like making a sale (cost-per-sale) or signing up a new client (cost per action).

6. What should I watch out for in affiliate marketing?

Be aware of online privacy concerns; always protect personal data including national ID cards information or personally identifiable information (PII). Avoid practices frowned upon like click spamming and cookie stuffing which can lead to being banned from programs.

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