Why You Need Wealth Builders 365

Five Reasons Why You Need Wealth Builders 365.

by Amanda Bailey Dec 08, 2022

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One of the most common questions we are asked is- What exactly does Wealth Builders 365 do? How specifically can we assist business owners? In this article, You will discover how we assist you in obtaining the finest possible terms and the most money for your company. We'll talk about how we help you access and tap into the financing available while navigating the complex terrain of where to get money. So let's begin with the five reasons you need Wealth Builders 365.

1. Fundability Foundations

It makes no difference if you work with business loan brokers, your bank, or any online money-making overnight gurus that you come across. The issue is that they don't discuss the grounds for the funding denial. 

We discovered that the vast majority of business owners who apply for finance are turned down after helping over 50,000. It has nothing to do with their credit rating, income, or the time they have been in business; rather, it has everything to do with how their company is set up. 

They do so based on their overall credibility, and one of the things Wealth Builders 365 specializes in most is assisting clients with improving their chances of funding. Wealth builders 365 can also help clients understand the secret formula that creditors and lenders use to determine their approval, and they can ensure that they do so even before they apply. 

Therefore, one of the most crucial factors in obtaining the funding your firm needs is your capacity to raise money. One of the five reasons you should work with Wealth Builders 365 is to make sure that you are provided with the best funding capacity to obtain the most funding at the most favorable conditions.

2. Increasing Business Credit

You need to establish your company credit if you want to borrow the most money possible on the most favorable terms. Your company needs business credits to receive the financing it needs at the best rates. If you have poor or no credit as a consumer, obtaining a car loan or credit card with affordable interest rates will be challenging. The firm operates under the same principle. The development of your business credit profile is necessary if you want to obtain funding for your company's expansion or launch. Simply because they are aware of your company's existence and the fact that you lack credit, business credit reporting bureaus will assign you a failing grade.

In contrast to consumer and business credit, you can be assigned a failing grade merely because you lack credit. So you enable your business to finance itself by creating a business credit profile. You must have good business credit to borrow the most money in favorable conditions.

3. Our Coaching and Technology

We have aided 50,000 business owners in obtaining the best business funding in USA, and here is what we discovered. Like you, business owners are searching for the quickest and easiest way to obtain the capital they require, not just today but also in the future. We've developed software that guides you through the process of obtaining the money you require step by step. We are only presenting you with funding options you can confidently get approved for. 

We're giving you application tiers and underwriting rules so you may submit your applications in the sequence that will increase your chances of being accepted for the money you need. We offer coaches that will carefully guide you through establishing business credit, enhancing findability, and gaining access to money to work for your company successfully. And these experts are available to assist you in growing business credit swiftly while achieving the greatest results possible. 

Therefore, it can frequently take two or three years to reach the same business credit-building stage that our clients reach in six months if you need to work with our coaches or use our technologies.

4. Capital Evaluation.

Wealth Builders 365 is one of the only places you will find that works with every legitimate form of financing available. At wealth builders, we collaborate with more than 1000 different finance sources. It is the difficulty in collecting money that business owners encounter. We refer to it as a cash access issue. The issue is that so much money is available from so many different sources that a normal business owner needs help knowing where to look for the best financing options or negotiate the best rates. This is where we come in. We give you access to all legal forms of finance and let you know which types you can qualify for.

Additionally, this financing is focused on a single part of your company rather than the entirety of it. ; we can assist you in obtaining SBA loans if you have good personal and business credit, revenues, and collateral. But let's face it, many business owners lack it. And if you're one of the business owners that lacks it, we can assist you to concentrate on the strengths of your company. It might be a cash flow issue, or you might have collateral, or you might have corporate or personal credit or a guarantor. This makes it easier for you to obtain funding.

Now, this is completely dissimilar from the lending market as it is right now. The majority of websites are what we refer to as fintech. Lenders are only interested in one type of funding. As a result, if you have the necessary cash flow for two years and exceptionally good personal credit, another type of lender may be able to offer you money. However, you'll be turned down if you have cash flow and approach a lender who demands strong credit but needs better credit. And a lot of business owners apply for the wrong form of funding since their qualifications need to match up, which leads to denials and discouragement. We aim to give you access to all 1000 legal forms of finance.

Additionally, lenders outline your eligibility for loans while emphasizing your company's advantages. And as a result, you often receive approval where you would otherwise not. Additionally, it aids in funding stacking. And by stacking finance, we mean that we assist business owners in obtaining various financing options so they may reach their objectives even more quickly since they have access to more money.

5. Having Access to Your Finance Expert.

Your finance expert assists you in navigating this extremely complex business financing environment so that you may locate the funding programs for which you are eligible, get information, and learn about the characteristics and advantages of each program so that you are aware of the financing option that is best for you. Additionally, it's frequently more than one, and our financing consultant will work with you to get authorized. In addition to negotiating rates and terms on your behalf, the finance expert even ensures that the money gets to your bank account. Imagine you ask for financing at a bank, and they decide to give you the money. They will provide you with any terms and interest rates they offer. Utilize this leverage to help you get authorized when you wouldn't otherwise and to help you get approved on the finest terms possible.


Overall, we are the best in the market at enhancing your capacity for funding, establishing your company's credit, and obtaining finance. And when you combine those three with effective coaching, financial professionals, and technology, everything is focused on one goal: assisting you in receiving the most money under the most favorable conditions. And that is the secret to obtaining the capital required to launch or expand a firm. Wealth builders 365 is here to support you for the duration of the life of your business, and our major goal is to assist you in obtaining the most cash at the most favorable conditions.

We do three things for you, and the financial assessment is free. We start by looking at your capacity for finance. We assist you in identifying the problems you're having getting funding and determining how to resolve them for the best results. Upon receiving finance approval, if your firm has a history of credit, we will order your business credit reports. Even if it isn't great, we'll advise you on improving your company's credit and let you know about all the financing options available.

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