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My 5 Income Streams

by Linda French Mar 06, 2022

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The key to success is to have multiple streams of income. It's one of the quickest paths to becoming a millionaire and accumulating riches. Having both passive and active revenue streams will drastically increase your income. And, once you're retired, the work you're doing now should be able to support your lifestyle with 100% passive income.

Here are five types of passive income that help me run my business. These multiple streams of income ideas are as follows:

1. Writing
2. Brand deals
3. Digital products
4. Client work
5. Other sources of income

1. Writing Income
I've been writing for almost a decade. Writing is something I've always been interested in, even as a teenager. I find it fantastic. Something about putting pen to paper and writing down what you're thinking is a source of passive income for me. Currently, I spend about 15 hours each month writing.

2. Brand deals
Brand deals are all about collaborating with businesses and sharing their products with your audience in exchange for a fee. You will also have the opportunity to test and try out some fascinating things. For brand deal income, you can get contacted by corporations and agencies, as well as pitching. As a supplement for monthly earnings, I work on brand deals a few hours every month (under 3 hours).

3. Client work
Client work is another source of revenue. I work with clients on a variety of projects which I get compensated for at the end. It ranges from social media management to graphic design and website development. There are many platforms to come across clients. For example, I had the habit of spending the entire day on social media, looking for assistance requests from clients. Now I do it more intelligently.

The following are websites where you can come across clients:

l Upwork
l Thumbtack
l ProBlogger JobBoard

You may also generate client leads by listing your abilities and work information in your social media bio. You can also receive links from Instagram and Linkedin.

4. Digital products
Digital items provide a source of passive income. You can start by developing the product, then connect it to a platform that handles payments and distribution, and that's it! You can also link marketing to boost your earnings even more.

The following are websites where you can sell your digital products:

The following are also some examples of digital products to sell:
Ebooks, e-courses, templates, checklists, and digital planners

Digital product commerce is one of the most effective techniques to increase your income. You can make a lot of money in the online learning market.

5. Miscellaneous income
This area includes a variety of income streams such as loan affiliate program, real estate finance and investments, website flipping initiatives, and so on.


You can also earn money from other sources such as dividends, serving on a board of directors, e-commerce, and so on. Navigate as many multiple streams of income ideas as you like.

Don't overextend yourself by pursuing many types of passive income. Instead of trying several things all at once, try one thing, master it, and then go on to the next.

For instance, establishing digital products for passive income, then moving on to brand deal income or chasing dividend investments, and so on.

Don't be scared to experiment or try new things, but keep in mind that I am not a financial expert, and this is not financial advice.



Writing income, which includes earnings from writing clients is one of the trending means of earning passive income. You can earn income ranging from $6,000 to $8,000 a month from Medium, NewsBreak, and other sources. You can even earn as high as $15,000 every month. There are fresh authors who go from nothing to $4K per month as a novice, and seasoned writers making $10K+ per month.



Don't stress yourself out by pursuing a variety of diverse income streams. Instead of trying a number of different things all at once, try one thing, master it, and then go on to the next. For instance, establishing digital products for passive income, then moving on to brand deal income or chasing dividend investments, and so on. Don't be scared to experiment or try new things, but keep in mind that this is not financial advice. Which sources of passive income are you using now or intend to use in the future?



The biggest advantage of having multiple sources of income is the increased financial security it provides. Having various revenue streams ensures that you have a backup plan in case things go wrong. Even if you lose your work, as many Americans did during the Covid-19 outbreak, you may still be able to pay your bills.

Various streams have aided individuals in developing talents that have led to new opportunities. Skills are the currency of the future, and earning money in ways you've never imagined teaches you a lot. Those new talents could also help you keep your current job or find new work more swiftly.

You might also invest your extra income towards achieving your financial goals. The best approach to put your extra income to work depends entirely on your financial position, but starting with the essentials, such as setting up an emergency savings account with at least one month's worth of costs, is preferable.

Another reasonable approach to making good use of excess income is to pay off high-interest debt, such as credit cards. Having several sources of income can help you earn more money to invest. It doesn't have to be a large sum of money to have a favorable impact on your finances. Even an extra $5 or $10 per day can go a long way toward preparing you for the future. Small, consistent amounts over time add up. Even if you make a small amount of extra money over time, it will build up, especially with the power of compound interest and investment.

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